The harborside Chania town is blessed with attractions that can create long-lasting memories. It is a wonderland of historical sites, fantastic locations, natural attractions and so much more!

From the majestic old Venetian port to the picturesque Chania old town, a visitor can do incredible things in Chania all year round! Whether you want to use Chania as your starting point to memorable day trips or step back in time at a museum, there’s so much to do! One of the best ways to explore Chania town is on foot. This way the city reveals lovely and unexpected charms! 

Top features of Chania town you need to check out

  • Chania Venetian port

Don’t miss out on the chance to take a stroll to the old Venetian harbor of Chania. This was built while the island of Crete was occupied by the Venetians. It served as a major trading post of the Mediterranean Sea. Parts of the harbor have been recently restored. History buffs will certainly love the Venetian shipyards! One will definitely adore walking to the lighthouse just to gaze at the amazing view of the town. It goes without saying cafes and restaurants are at your disposal, all around this area. It is highly recommended that you watch the sunset from the lighthouse! Chania old port is a must for visitors!

  • Chania old town

Walking around the old town of Chania will fill you with images that definitely engage your mind. You see, Chania is a historical place with a lot of diverse neighborhoods. Originally, the town was established in ancient Greece by the name Cydonia. Over time, its name changed but so did the conquerors of the city. Chania town was a colony of the Venetians, which is obvious from the Venetian style buildings. Then, it was conquered by the ottoman Turks who also left their mark on the city. Yes, you will encounter a mosque! Of course, excavations have brought to light parts of the ancient Greek city as well. Don’t hesitate to stroll around Chania old town and discover by yourself, somewhere in the picturesque alleys, the ideal place for your personal magic snapshot!

  • Chania old market

A walk unlike any other in Chania town is the one in Chania old market. Chania old market is placed in an old historical building. There is a very convenient parking space nearby. It is worth a visit for several reasons. First off, this is the place where you can find local produce, such as cheese, fruit and local olive oil. You will have the chance to taste and buy Cretan wine. Try the local alcoholic drink “raki” as well! You can also enjoy the shade, avoiding the heat of the sun for a bit. Why not strike a conversation with kind and friendly stallholders? Don’t miss old style butchers and fishmongers! This is where you will find pretty good bargains, even if you’re just buying souvenirs. Chania old market is a must for shoppers. 

Why Chania town is ideal for you!

If you’re looking for a lo-fi experience, Chania town will not disappoint. There are lots of restaurants in the town offering local cuisine. All foodies can discover their new, favorite traditional Greek dish. In the meanwhile, you can enjoy Greek music. It’s customary for bands to perform live in small taverns and cafes all over the city. The nightlife in Chania can really appeal to all tastes and ages. Then again, a great variety of museums is within reach, in the town. For instance, the Maritime museum and the Archaeological museum are just two of many, offering information about the history of Crete.

One thing is for sure. Chania town is love at first sight!