The Architectural Committee of CAM, organizes a photographic exhibition of the Italian photographer Giorgio Loddo regarding his work that concerns his reflections on hyper-tourism and its effects. The exhibition “Revenge of the herds – a reflection on heritage and mass tourism” curated by Paola Ruvioli, will last from April 26 to May 11. The opening of the exhibition is set for Friday, April 26 at 19:00.

Giorgio Loddo is an Italian photographer based in Strasbourg, France. He has exhibited his work in France, Germany and Italy. He states the following:

“In the wake of the Covid19 pandemic and the lifting of travel restrictions, the world is experiencing a wave of ‘revenge travel’: mass tourism is resurfacing stronger than before. The need to explore and enjoy our planet once again is felt around the world.

This appetite for “revenge” leads large numbers of tourists to flock to cities, mountains and islands. This reminds us that some important questions, in particular about how mass tourism can be reconciled with respect for cultural heritage and the natural environment, have never found a definitive answer.

How to preserve the world’s architectural, artistic and environmental treasures for future generations, while allowing people to enjoy them today? How to ensure that the benefits of tourism outweigh its risks?

This is not just about the future. Today’s travelers and residents of tourist destinations are already facing the negative effects of “hyper tourism”.

The images of this work are intended to evoke emotions, ranging from nostalgia to concern and longing for a more pleasant and sustainable way Mediterranean Architecture Center K.A.M. travel. While they don’t answer the question mentioned above, they do offer a suggestion: what if we changed the way we travel? What if we avoided always visiting the same places, all at the same time?

Some of the images depict people “entering” a place, expressing a feeling of oppression and discomfort. Some others list quiet, comfortable spaces, prompting the viewer to yearn for the time when the beauty of the place can be enjoyed without the influx of crowds. This weather is not necessarily in the past – often choosing a quieter time of year is enough. The images of Balos, for example, were captured on a sunny day in February.” The exhibition has been curated by the architect Penny Horafa in collaboration with the Architectural Committee of the Mediterranean Architecture Center (Lefteris Vergerakis, Valina Geropanda, Andreas Theodoridis, George Kalligeris, Zacharias Pistopoulos, Dimitris Tsakalakis).


Opening April 26, 19:00

Exhibition dates: April 26 – May 11, 10:00-15:00 (Saturdays and Sundays closed)

Location: Center of Mediterranean Architecture

Free entrance

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