Ten wildlife photographers from Chania exhibit, with their own vision and experience, photos of Cretan birds in wetlands, mountains, gorges and rivers of the island at all times of the year. Photographing birds in their natural environment is a special and difficult subject, free in nature, it requires patience, time, coverage, knowledge and weather resistance to achieve a perfect result. At the same time, it also requires special photographic equipment (telephoto cameras, fast cameras with high sensitivity and durability).

The outdoor exhibition is held in collaboration with the Municipality of Chania, K.E.P.PE.DIH.-K.A.M. and the Hellenic Photographic Society.

Photographers :

Daskalakis Takis

Mpaladakis Giorgos

Papadomanolakis Giorgos

Papadomanolakis Manos

Papadomanolakis Marios

Perantonakis Panos

Sakoulis Anastasios

Samaritakis Nikos

Samaritakis Fotis

Champas Antonis

Source :  www.chania-culture.gr