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Welcome to the official site of Hania Hotels Association

Our main purpose is the correct and complete information of the visitors of our Prefecture regarding their accommodation and the sights of the Prefecture, in order for Chania and Crete in general to be a beloved vacation spot for them.

The enchanting Venetian Harbor leading to the quaint streets of the old town of Chania, combined with the exotic sandy beaches, the wild natural environment, the inaccessible canyons, the native plants and animals and the endless stretches of olive and orange trees , create a unique mosaic making Chania a rare jewel not only for Crete but for the whole Greece.

Each year, thousands of visitors choose Chania for their holidays, enjoying the excellent tourist infrastructures that have been deployed around the Prefecture of Chania. Hotels, Boutique and traditional , Resorts, are ready to welcome the lovers of Chania and offer all modern comforts for them to relax and enjoy the beauty of the Cretan land.

In our effort to contribute in our own way to the tourist development of Chania we created this website so anyone who wants to visit the Prefecture of Chania can choose for his stay through a multitude of hotels , in order to make the holiday he dreams of.

The presentation of the hotels - members of our Association included in our website, was based on our slogan "Feel like home, away from home!"

Message from the president

Dear colleagues and visitors,

Through this site, the Board of Directors of the Chania Hoteliers Association aims to keep you up to date with all current affairs that affect our industry, whilst also functioning as a common platform that hosts and presents our members and their businesses.

For all Chania visitors the current website will be a reference point which presents the most important sights, hotels – members of the association as well as recommended activities.

Chania is a blessed land with great potential and prospects in tourism. In Chania you can find inspiring cultural heritage, a stunning Old Town with the most beautiful Venetian Port in the Mediterranean, it is rich in sights worth visiting and offers the authentic taste of the world-famous Cretan cuisine. We cannot cease to mention the natural beauty of this land, the beautiful beaches, traditional villages and high-level hotel facilities.

Chania Hoteliers Association’s main aim is to promote our land, attract more tourists whilst also constantly being active in helping ameliorate public infrastructure.

The frequent and direct airline connections from the biggest European cities to Chania as well as the boat and ferries accessibility make Chania a destination easy to reach and affordable.

Lastly, it is important to note that the present website shall be ‘’dynamic’’ in essence any change or new information will be immediately transmitted and communicated.

I hope it constitutes an extra tool for work and information purposes.

Cordial regards,
Manolis Ch. Giannoulis
President of the Board of Directors of Chania Hoteliers Association

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