The “Memorial Cavafy IV” evening and the contemporary art exhibition “Greek Alexandrian Poet IV” are presented by the Contemporary Art Museum of Chania Elaiourgeion on Holy Monday, April 29, 2024, at 8:00 p.m., in the halls of the 1st and 2nd floors of the Pneumatic Center of Chania, Andrea Papandreou 70, Courts, Chania, Crete.

The event diptych is presented on the occasion of the date of birth (April 29, 1863) and the date of death (April 29, 1933) of Konstantinos P. Cavafy as a memory of honor to the life and work of the poet.

At the evening, the speakers: Konstantinos V. Proimos, Kyriakos Hatzimichailidis, Andromachi Hourdaki and Ioannis N. Archontakis will present analyzes and versions of the work and life of K. P. Cavafy.

Excerpts from the poetic work of K. P. Cavafy will be recited by: Marinella Vlachaki, Lamprini Boviatsou, Anna Nebavlaki and Konstantin Fischer.

Portions of the audiovisual work “Breaths” by Kyriakos Chatzimichailidis that refer to the poetic work of K. P. Cavafy will be shown.

The contemporary art exhibition “Greek Poet IV” features the visual artists: Angelos Antonopoulos, Eleni Antonopoulou , Jeni Antonopoulou, Rena Avagianou , Nikos Basias , Konstantina Bolieraki, Ismini Bonatsou, Lamprini Boviatsou, Rena Braudaki , Thodoros Brouskomatis , Manolis Charos , NikosChiotinis, Alexandros Dimitriadis , Thalassini Douma,  Argyro Driva, Maria Filippakopoulou, Apostolis Filippou , Theodoros Filos , Konstantin  Fischer , Antonis Franzeskakis, Dimosthenis Gallis , Yiannis Gavalas, Cris  Gianakos, Nikos Giavropoulos , Pavlos Hambidis, Athina Hatzi, Anna Maria Hatzistephanou, Alexandros Itsmis , Vassilis  Karkatselis, Maria Kelaidi, Maria Kokkini , Andreas Kontonis, Filippos Koutrikas , Evdokia Kyrkou, Vasiliki Lefkaditi , George Leonidopoulos, Spyros Lytras,Alexandros Maganiotis , Eleni Manolaraki, Maria Maragoudaki , Kleoniki Marangou , Erietta Markantonatou , Petros Matzakos , Valentini Mavrodoglou , Ioannis Monogyios, ManosMpatzolis , Clio Mpolieraki , Grigoris Niolis , Yiannis P. Markantonakis , Despoina Pantazi, Aspasia Papadoperaki, Maria Philippakopoulou, Apostolis Philippou,  Panagyiota Pitsiri , Natassa Poulantza , Marina Provatidou , Vicky Samouilidou, Theofilos Sgouropoulos, Chrysoula  Skepetzi , Grigorios Stamou ,Yiannis Stefanakis, Antonis Triantafillou , Martha Tsiara, Margarita Vasilakou, Irini  Vazoukou, Loes Huis In’t Veld, Dimitra Xenaki, Pagona Xenaki

Curator of the exhibition: Konstantinos V. Proimos and Ioannis N. Archontakis.

Art Historian and Assistant Professor Dr. Konstantinos V. Proimos notes: “The use of the same term “art” for two separate artistic practices could lead one to conclude that painting and poetry have much in common, an ancient view that as mentions Plutarch, it is credited to the lyric poet Simonides Ceios according to which “Poetry is speaking painting and painting is silent poetry”, an idea that Aristotle will later repeat in his Poetics in which he will match the plot of the tragedy with the drawing and dramatic characters with color and which will find its culmination in the simple formulation of the Latin poet Horace, “Ut pictura poesis”, which essentially equates painting and poetry. On the one hand, the discourse of poetry rescues its memory, apparitions, and illusions, creating them at the same time. On the other hand, the image is an idea that originates from the aesthetic perception and is crystallized with the poetic speech.

The “Memorial Cavafy IV” evening is part of the “The Step of Art” program of the Contemporary Art Museum of Chania Elaiourgeion and together with the contemporary art exhibition “Greek Alexandrine Poet IV” are part of the “HANIART 2024 – Visual Itineraries” program.

The evening and the exhibition are co-organized by the Region of Crete-Regional Unit of Chania, the Municipality of Platanias, the Spiritual Center of Chania, the Match More Art Gallery and the Contemporary Art Museum of Chania Elaiourgeion.

The exhibition will be presented from 29 April 2024 to 30 September 2024 and will be open from Monday to Saturday 10:00-14:00 & 18:00-20:00 (closed on public holidays) with free admission

Source : XANIart