Street Food Festival Crete is back at Chania for the 6th year

The festival dates will be 25-26-27th  of May, at Chania National Stadium.

Within three days, visitors will have the chance to taste a variety of dishes from different countries, Vegetarian selections, traditional greek dishes and some unique street food options.

In the mean time, our Street Food friends will have the opportunity to enjoy their food, sweets, beer or sodas while listening to the sounds of some of the most known djs and bands in the island, play food games to win fun prices and watch some of the best dance groups perform.

Doors to The Food Festival will open on Saturday (17.00-24.00), Sunday (12.00-24.00) and Monday (17.00 – 24.00).

Ticket costs 6 euro (including beer or soda)

Children up to 11 yrs old and people with special needs have free entry.

There is also fun activities and food games for children.

The Festival is held with the support of the Hellenic Organization of Tourism and Hania Hotels Association.

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