An exhibition about the three castles that dominate the bay of Souda, but also about the history of the wider area over time, is presented in the interior of Koule of Aptera.

The exhibition of archival material entitled “The Guardians of Souda Bay” is organized by the Municipality of Chania and KEPPEDICH- KAM on the occasion of the re-opening of the monument and the possibility of visiting it by the public, as for the last two years under the responsibility of the workshops of the Municipality of Chania, the Fortress has been restored and its basic functions have been put into operation.

The Gulf of Souda is one of the safest natural harbors of the Mediterranean and its importance was already recognized since Antiquity. Over the centuries, numerous defensive systems were developed in the wider area to protect the harbor .

It is no coincidence that the islet of Souda, the fortress of Izzedin and Koules in Aptera are located on an imaginary straight line, which crosses transversely and protects the gulf of Souda, while in the same area is Ancient Aptera.

Through rare maps, engravings, historical photographs and information from the valuable collection of the Municipal Library of Chania as well as selected excerpts from literary works, visitors to the exhibition have the opportunity to discover Souda, its rich history and some of its newest monuments.

The exhibition is presented in two languages, Greek and English, and is open to the public during the opening hours of the monument.

Free entrance


Editor: Elia Koumis

Design: Nikos Kosmadakis / The design bar

Organisation: Municipality of Chania – KEPPEDICH KAM


Ottoman Fortress “Koules” Apteras

Opening days: Every day, except Tuesday

Opening hours: 10.00 – 14.00


For organized visits and guided tours contact at 2821034200 or at [email protected]

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