Words are not enough to describe how much you will be spoiled with the dramatic landscape of Balos beach. This is a unique place you should definitely include in your Chania holidays!

Don’t miss out on taking a day trip from Chania to Balos beach! You see, it includes a gorgeous beach, a lagoon and a small island too! Balos lagoon is paradise on earth! You will be amazed at the beauty of the azure waters and the color of the sky. Looking towards the island, you can see an old Venetian castle. The mountainous landscape around is beyond your expectations. The golden sand of the beach often turns pink in places where there are crushed shells! 

Even if you’re not into swimming, you will surely want to walk barefoot in the sand and relax in this small oasis. 

How to get from Chania to Balos beach.

Balos beach sits at the end of the Gramvousa peninsula, at a distance of around 60 km northwest of Chania town. You can reach Balos beach pretty easily, by car or by boat.

First, you can drive from Chania to Kissamos and then just follow the signs to the Gramvousa peninsula. In this case, you will have to park your vehicle at the end of the road and then do a bit of hiking. Rest assured that this hike is worth it! The trail offers a spectacular vista of Balos lagoon, the kind that will be forged in your memory forever!

Secondly, you can opt for a boat cruise. You need to drive from Chania to Kissamos port. At the port, several boats are available to take you on a day trip to Balos beach. The boat cruise to Balos beach allows you to enjoy the crystal clear water that sparkles under the sunshine. You will adore the salty sea breeze and the mind-blowing landscape! 

Quick Tips for Balos beach.

  • If you’re not into crowded places, it’s better to reach Balos beach early in the morning, before the first boats arrive. It’s preferable to visit either in June or in September, when the tourist season isn’t in its peak.
  • Balos lagoon can be an amazing place for family fun. The golden sand and the shallow waters beat any playground. Then again, the deeper waters are ideal for snorkelling! Just grab your suntan lotion and enjoy this spectacular beach! 
  • At the beach, there’s a canteen. Sunbeds and umbrellas are available. It’s a good idea however, to bring along food and lots of water. This way you can spend your day totally carefree!