The Municipality of Chania, on the occasion of World Tourism Day 2023, is organizing on the evening of Tuesday, October 3rd , 2023, a series of actions focusing on the Venetian port of the city.


Presentation of a Traditional Cretan Dinner with Cretan flavors and local products and a rich music and dance program by the participating Associations.

Katehaki Square

Tuesday 3/10/2023

Time: 19:30 (arrival time)

B. “Super-Strata”

Climax of the “Traditional Strata” with the participation of all the traditional associations.

Venetian Port of Chania

Tuesday 3/10/2023

Time: 20:00

For the 2nd summer in a row, the Municipality of Chania organized the revival of the traditional music and dance scene of the “Traditional Strata” in the Venetian Harbor and the alleys of the Old Town and in a unique way presented our special cultural identity, with the participation of all the Traditional Associations.

The Municipality of Chania will reward the Associations and agencies for their voluntary participation and contribution.


Participiants :

Dance Club of Chania “O Psiloritis”

Traditional Association of Chania “Viglatores”

Educational and Cultural Association “O Gigenis”

Traditional Association “Ta Sfakia”

Music and Dance Club of Chania “Arodamos”

“Meterizi” Traditional Association

Hordaki Cultural Association “Skloka”

Traditional Association “Stavraetii”

Folk Dance Club of Chania “To Adamoma”

Artistic Association of Chania “Cretan Madares”

Folklore Club of Chania

Lyceum Club of Greek Women-Branch of Chania

Folk Dance Association of Akrotiri “Kayales”

Chania Music Workshop “Zalos”

AHS “Dale Paso”

Cultural Association “To Rodo”

Also participating are the Traditional Music and Dance Association from Montenegro and a delegation of the Traditional Association of Greeks of N. Zealand.


Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023

Katehaki Square

Time: 19:30 (arrival time)

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