“Without borders”, Art exhibition of the amateur painter Nikos Ketsetzis Agios Rokkos, Square 1821 – Splantzia, 19-29/10

“Without borders” is the title of the first individual art exhibition of the amateur painter Nikos Ketsetzis, which will take place in the Venetian church of Agios Rokkos in Splantzia square in Chania, from October 19 to 29.

According to the relevant announcement, “there are three main axes that the creator wants to highlight through his work. First of all, that all people should be equal to others. Borders, walls and closed doors are not a sufficient condition for a society that claims a different future in the face of and against any prejudice that targets people with disabilities, refugees and the poor. Then the creator emphasizes that painting is or should be an art for everyone, a tool for our individual and/or collective progress. In a city inhospitable to local artists, Nikos claims to have his own voice heard. And he succeeds!

“Refugees are not our enemies”, he often states and under this light, his works acquire a special meaning for visitors to the exhibition as they will see depicted human portraits, still lifes, elements of the natural and human environment, religious themes captured with love and care.

Curriculum vitae

Nikos Ketsetzis was born in 1965 to refugee grandparents from Smyrna and Cappadocia. He started painting in 1992 during his hospitalization in the short-term hospitalization unit of the Chania Psychiatric Hospital (it closed in 2006 in the context of de-assimilation) and since then he has been closely associated with this particular art. Not a day or minute goes by that he does not prepare a painting, which he will gladly give as a gift to his friends.”


Thursday 19 to Sunday 29 October

Opening hours: 10.00 – 12.00 and 18.00 – 20.00

Agios Rokkos, Square 1821 – Splantzia

Source :  www.chania-culture.gr