A comic adaptation by Dimitra Papadopoulou from “Dream of a Ridiculous”.

With Pavlos Loutsidis, directed by Kostas Gakis.

What audience could connect a “New Greek” with the leading novelist F. Dostoyevsky?

Dimitra Papadopoulou’s theatrical adaptation tries to explain this peculiar association…

The hero of the show is the man next door. His well-paid job, nice house and expensive car are the products of prosperity and the conditions of his recognition as a “successful” member of our society…

Immigrants and infamous neighborhoods harm his aesthetics while a necessary accessory-confirmation of his male identity… Eva, an ethereal being… All this before the crisis…

Our hero could not live a worse nightmare. A victim of the financial crisis, he now lives in a basement in the area of Agios Panteleimonas, completely without a job and without the accompaniment of his previous “status”, with all that entails. His only companionship, his huge debts and a book that accidentally fell into his hands. “A Fool’s Dream”. Reading it, he realizes how futile and dead-end his life has been and how “ridiculous” anyone who bases his happiness on material goods and ephemeral pleasures can be considered. Also, the pain that someone can feel when faced with the “ridiculousness” that he once defined as “happiness”. Such a person is called either to redefine his life, or to give it up. Even to put an end to her…

A question torments him as we watch him on stage and empathize with his drama. “To live or not to live?” He finally finds the answer on his own with the help of Dostoyevsky’s dear friend.

Eventually the immigrants don’t seem so repulsive, the squares take on color and life has meaning, since selfless love works as an antidote to all losses.

A work about life, taken from life itself.

Maybe after the show ends, your neighbor will seem less annoying, the hustle and bustle of the neighborhood more tolerable, the problems easier to deal with, the obstacles not so insurmountable.

Even for a little while…


Text: Dimitra Papadopoulou

Directed by: Kostas Gakis

Interpretation: Pavlos Loutsidis

Assistant director: Natasha – Faei Kosmidou

Sets – costumes: Alfieri Emmanuela

Original music: Kostas Gakis

Lighting: Stratos Lykos

Graphic designers: Aristea Georgiopoulos

Production organization: Antonis Krombas

Public relations: Marina Samarkou

Monday, March 06, 2023

Time 21:00

Mikis Theodorakis Theatre

General Admission: €15

Reduced (Student, unemployed, disabled): €13

Duration: 75 minutes

The show is aimed at ages 14 and up.

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