Friday 15/9

Full Length Animation

Title: Perlimps

Synopsis: Claé and Bruó, two secret agents working for hostile kingdoms, are sent to the Enchanted Forest. There they discover that they are on the same mission: To save the Perlimps from the terrible giants that have surrounded the Forest.


Saturday 16/9

Best Animation Short – Audience Vote

Summary: During the evening, the best films of this year’s Chaniartoon will be screened.After the screening, viewers will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite film, with the aim of deciding this year’s audience award.

Sunday 17/9

Feature Documentary

Title: My name is Altan and I make sketches

Summary: A film about the great Italian designer Francesco Tullio Altan. A story about his life and career, through his characters, such as Pimpa and Cipputi, but also with the help of his friends and colleagues, such as Paolo Rumiz, Michele Serra, Vauro, Sergio Staino and Zerocalcare. Starting from Aquileia, where he lives and works, we arrive at “his” Turin.




Friday 15, Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 September 2023

Time: 21.00

KIPOS Municipal Cinema

Free entrance

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