The local council of Aptera invites you to celebrate the opening of Aptera Castle to the public by organizing CastleFest Crete at Aptera Castle (Koules) on the two days of August 30 and 31.

Production organization and technical support are handled by Ninja Goat Productions & Wolve Entertainment.


In recent years, festivals have been organized around the world with the aim of highlighting archaeological, historical and cultural monuments. Our goal is to highlight with the corresponding respect one of these monuments that until recently did not have the visibility it deserves. Spectacular lighting, live music and DJ sets as well as various other surprises are some of the events you will encounter this two days!

‘Once in a Blue Moon’

This expression indicates the rarity of the blue moon phenomenon, where the full moon appears twice in a month, a fairly rare phenomenon.                                                         

This year the phenomenon is even more special as we will see a super full moon which is the closest moon of the year. The next time this combination occurs will be in 14 years.

Wednesday 30 August at 19:00 – 06:00 (Sunset Day)                                                   

(Live Bands +DJ’s)

Thursday 31 August at 20:28 – 07:00 (Blue Moon Rise)  

(House, Techno, Dance Music)


Aptera Castle, Chania

On the first day, August 30, after enjoying the sunset over the castle accompanied by musical selections by the Freaktones, the wonderful Manos Malaxianakis with his band and Mi.Alpha will follow in a unique live party. It will be followed by the TUC lol team who will complete the evening with Dj Sets!

On the second day, August 31, with the rising of the Blue Moon, we will enjoy an evening of electronic music with guest DJs from Berlin, Thessaloniki, Heraklion and our own from Chania, who will dance for us until the early hours of the morning!                                                                

The music is strictly dance music, the castle is magical so bring only your best mood!

There will be a bar with beers, drinks, cocktails & food (and a vegetarian option)

Wednesday August 30 (Sunset Day)                                                                              

Start time 19:00

– Live bands & dj sets  – Freaktones
– Manos Malaxianakis & the band
– Mi.Αlpha
– After Party

Thursday, August 31 (Blue Moon Rise) 

Start time 20:28 (Full Moonrise)

– Dj Sets – House, Techno, Dance Music

– Ezara (SKG)
– diladï (Berlin)
– Kefalas (HER)
– Wolve (CHQ)
– Spin Alonga (SWISS)
– District Light (CHQ)
– Headie (HER)



Production organization and technical support are handled by Ninja Goat Productions & Wolve Entertainment.

Co-organized by the Municipality of Chania, Region of Crete, KEPPEDICH-KAM


– Wednesday 30 August at 19:00 – 07:00 (Sunset Day)

– Thursday 31 August at 20:28 – 07:00 (Blue Moon Rise)

Aptera Castle, Chania



BUS Routes  and ONLINE  bookings

More Info +306982009105

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