Dance Days Chania celebrates life in dance and focuses for its 13th event on the ‘conscious body’.

It feels, decodes, listens to the pulses of bodies in waiting, rebellion, bodies in doubt, vigilance and awakening. Active bodies! It monitors their displacements in space and time.

DDC renewing this year’s appointment in Chania, hosts performances by creators from 8 countries presenting different aspects of the contemporary dance scene and creation.

All the performances will take place at the “Mikis Theodorakis” Theater, in the heart of the old city, but also in selected parts and neighborhoods of the city.

In the context of this year’s event, we are focusing on creating a safe environment for communication, research and creation, giving space to new and experienced artists. We enter into new partnerships and continue to invest in outreach, education and relationship with the local and international community.

It invites dynamic works, with brave positions, romantic, daring, but always human, with empathy, sensitivity and intense reflection in front of a constantly changing world. It provokes and engages in authentic conversations and resists stereotypes, fixations, exclusions by pursuing connections, conscious searches, honest conversations.

The 13th Dance Days Chania will host and present:

– 17 performances (at the “Mikis Theodorakis” Theater and in other parts of the city)

– 10 seminars

– 2 selected projects from the section “New creators and Public space” which functions as a platform for the creation and production of original works, which are specially set up in parts of the city by the creators in an artistic residency that strengthens and gives tools to young Greek women artists.

Entry is free and interaction with the public is desirable on a case-by-case basis.

– two-day dedication to Video Dance (26.07 & 02.08) with screenings of 28 selected films, with free entry for the public

– transnational artistic residency in collaboration with the Limassol Dance Center (21.07 – 28.07)

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– seminar on “The body in the public space as an experience and as an act” in collaboration with the School of Architectural Engineering P.K. (23.07, Mediterranean Architecture Center)

– an exhibition of paintings by children with the theme “My body “speaks”” (21.07 -30.07, Agios Rokkos) as a result of the program implemented in collaboration with schools of the Municipality of Chania from April 2023.

DDC has received the EFFE Label 2017-2018, 2019-2021 & 2022 – 2023 certification from the European EFA Organization.

*Visit our website for the detailed program and information.

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