The Municipality of Chania, KEPPEDIH – KAM, in collaboration with the Region of Crete and the Cultural Association “Ta Aptera” are hosting the musical performance “3 ouds-3 voices: In the light of the full moon”, which will take place, with free entry for the public , on Tuesday, August 1, 2023, at 9:15 p.m., at Koule Fortress, in Aptera, Chania.

The great musicians and creators Christos Tsiamoulis and Haig Yazdijan, who have been active in the music field for many decades, clothe their songs and music with the particularly sensitive and inner sound of this instrument.

Through their collaboration, the whole spectrum of the common tradition of the Eastern Mediterranean (Greek, Turkish, Armenian, Arabic music) is highlighted, which together with their own contemporary compositions and improvisations create with passion a lively and unique atmosphere.

The third member of her company, the excellent singer, Sofia Papazoglou, with a great presence and knowledge of traditional and deep folk songs and with excellent collaborations in her many years of career, is present and participates, singing as always in her special and special way.

They are joined by Taxiarchis Georgoulis, a young master of the oud and Vangelis Karypis on percussion.

Together, they make an excellent program with surprising moments and many surprises.

The oud is a melodic instrument, particularly popular in the Eastern Mediterranean, whose presence in Greece is constantly increasing, especially nowadays. It is the “burning wood” in Arabic and Jewish tradition.


Tuesday, August 1, 2023

at 21.15,

at the Fort of Koule, in Aptera, Chania

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