It is paradoxical that the same century gave birth to History and Photography, the former to structure the positivist memory and the latter to provide a specific but fleeting testimony”, Roland Barthes

In the Historical Archive of Crete, in addition to written sources, an abundance of photographic evidence is kept.

“Snapshots from Chania, through the lens of Tasos” are an exhibition of photographic depictions of the city of Chania spanning four decades: from 1950 to 1987.

The photos presented are a selection from a larger collection, the Tasos Protopsaltis photo collection.

Our goal is to become familiar with the medium of photography and its use not only as a means of artistic expression but also as a valuable historical document for society and culture.

More specifically, we have chosen photos through which we can reflect on how much things have changed or remained unchanged in the last seventy-five years.

A few words about the photographer:

Tasos Protopsaltis was born in Chania in 1930. He started working with photography in 1944. In 1955 he opened his own photography studio which he maintained until 1992 when he retired. After his retirement and until today he is engaged in his passion, serving the art of photography. He participated in many individual and group exhibitions and received many awards. At the same time, he is an active member of many teams and clubs in Chania.


The exhibition is held with the support of the Region of Crete, the Municipality of Chania, KEPPEDICH-KAM. and the Ephorate of Antiquities of Chania.


Exhibition duration: Tuesday 4 to Monday 17 July 2023

Hours of Operation: 18.00-22.00

Agios Roccos, Splantzia

Free entrance

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