People and Products

A celebration of tastes, senses, and experiences …

A Festival where small producers, local businesses, local administration authorities, scientific bodies and civil society actors outline and promote the area of Chania, the uniqueness and diversity of its natural environment, its special food products and handmade confections, its tradition, but also its present and future.

The Land Festival invites every visitor to see, feel, discover, experience, and enjoy…

…the traditional arts of weaving and of lace making (kopaneli),and the modern three-dimensional printing technology,

…food cooked in Minoan-style cooking pots, and the wild greens and herbs of Crete,

… the honey, cheese, wine, juices, oranges, and avocados produced and grown in the area,

… life in the mountain grassland of Chania (Madara),the hiking routes of the “Chania Trails”initiative, and the hidden beauties in every municipality of Chania…

…the authentic music and dance traditions of Chania, as well as its art music and popular entertainment.

An invitation to both children and adults, to both local and foreign visitors.

The Land Festival is waiting for you all!

You can see here the programme .

The Organizing Committee

Source : Regional Development Company of Crete