Samaria gorge is a place you need to visit no matter what! Your Crete holidays are not only about getting a tan. Pretty soon you will find out that the island of Crete appeals to all nature lovers. Hiking in Crete is a unique experience by far.  

It is hard to believe that an island has got a place like this. Samaria gorge has huge rock formations in strange shapes. The mountains are covered in large pine trees and local plants. There are rocks that reach 500 m of altitude. The total length of the trail reaches 15km. Of course, a Samaria gorge hike ranks among the top things to do during your holidays in Crete.

Hiking is a glorious way to connect with nature. A Samaria gorge hike will live up to your expectations, hiker or not! 

  • This is one of the longest hikes in Europe. The kickoff is conveniently located on the plateau of Omalos, on the White mountains. You can get there by car from Chania. The public bus service from Chania is an option too.
  • You follow a path which descends into the gorge. The path is mostly downhill. It reaches only 3 metres at its narrowest point.
  • If you are an experienced hiker, you will definitely love the challenge of Samaria gorge! Beware however that it requires stamina! If you are not fit or if your children aren’t old enough, don’t underestimate the difficulty of this hike!
  • During your Samaria gorge hike you will definitely need to bring along water and food. Make sure you’ve got layered clothes because the temperatures often vary, depending on the altitude. It goes without saying you will need very comfortable shoes, a hat and sunblock if you’re visiting on a sunny day.
  • Hiking in Crete can be enchanting! You will adore a hike in Samaria gorge, especially in spring. Then, the vegetation in this place is truly amazing!
  • Get the chance to see the village of Samaria, inside the gorge. It used to be inhabited and fully functional. It was abandoned in the 60’s, after the location was claimed as a World’s Biosphere Reserve.

How to get the most of a Samaria gorge hike!

Starting at dawn will allow you to see a beautiful palette of colors, both in the sky but along the path as well.

It is pretty likely that you will encounter kri-kri along the way. These are little mountain goats, as friendly as can be! They often come down the path.

You can celebrate the end of this challenging hike in a lot of ways. Your Samaria gorge hike finishes in Agia Roumeli. This spot is ideal for swimming, dining in taverns or having a picnic under natural shade! Of course you will be spoiled with the refreshing breeze of the sea!