Dear friends and visitors,

Εvery Tuesday during the summer period, the Municipality of Chania will be presenting the traditional event of “Paradosiaki Strata” (Traditional Strata).

Groups of local traditional associations, escorted by artists with traditional music instruments will be walking through the Venetian Harbor coast and then end up at the Cathedral Church Square (Chalidon St.) at 21:00, where a main event will be performed and you will have the chance to dance and sing under the sounds of Cretan Tradition!

This Tuesday 30/08/22, Strata unites Tradition with Volunteerism and highlights the culture of giving to fellow human beings.

More specifically, together with the Traditional Club of Chania “O Psiloritis” , the Association of Voluntary Blood Donors of the Prefecture of Chania “Agios Ioannis” will participate in Strata, which will hold the 20th Voluntary Blood Donation Torch Run. The 2 sections will join at the Glass Mosque, head towards Tsouderon Street where they will be present at the action of the “Horizon” Voluntary Offer and Support Association and then they will end up at the Metropolis square where the Flame of Volunteerism will be lit by the  swimming champion of Chania ,  Anna Duntunaki . The evening will close with a music and dance program in the Metropolis square.

We invite you to attend and participate in a night of Volunteering and Giving !!!