A jazz dance performance inspired by the golden age of jazz, where physical theater meets dances from African American culture to tell a story.

Charleston, Lindy hop, Jazz Roots, Claquettes, Body Music, Blues, are all types of dance characterized by freedom, personal expression, rhythmic dialogues between bodies and music, always with respect for the individuality, diversity and equality of people.

Our story takes place in an American bar and things are not going well for the protagonists. It wasn’t always like that though. Staff and “regular” patrons remember and look for what went wrong and they got here…

~This will be followed by a social lindy hop dance, inspired by the improvisational dance of the Swing era~


Key contributors/Creative Team: Vasiliki Dountoulakis, Kostas Kokolakis, Georgina Vardoulakis, Irene Ragusini, Delta P, Fredrik Dahlberg, Frida Häggström Gerdt, Yannis Lykos, Marios Ioannidis

The performance is part of the international dance festival “a Little Swing – festival in Crete” and is held with the support of Jazz Train studio, the Municipality of Chania and KEPPEDICH-CAM.

Communication Sponsor: FM 91.5 Network


Friday, June 16, 2023

Start time: 21.15

Bastion of San Salvatore

Free entrance

Duration: 45′

The doors close on 21.10

Source :  www.chania-culture.gr