The Sports and Cultural Association ‘KYTTARO HALEPAS’, the Municipal Nursing Home of Chania and the Municipality of Chania (Department of Social Policy and Education – former DOKOIPP) invite you to the event “Revival of the custom of “Klidonas” – Cretan Feast” on Wednesday, June 19, 2024 at 20:00  in the Square of Municipal Nursing Home, in Halepa.

Come and let’s revive the ancient custom of “Klidonas”,  learn about silent water, about roots,  light fires, and jumping over them to exorcise evil. Let’s coexist, be happy and feast…On the eve of 18/6/24 we will pass by the houses of our picturesque district to collect your roots in our pitcher.

Mr. Dimitris Nikolakakis and Mrs. Stella Agiasmenaki will take us on an interactive journey through the custom of “Klidonas”. We will have fun with live music from the musicians: Giorgis Galanis, on the lyre, Marios Bourdantonakis, on the lute and Panagiotis Fundedakis, on the guitar.

The event will be accompanied by the Folklore Club of Chania of Yiannis Agiasmenakis with dance groups.


Entry for all will be free

Our cultural heritage unites us in beautiful collective efforts!! Your presence, however, will give us great joy and honor us greatly.

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