The Municipality of Chania and specifically the Tourism Office in collaboration with the Municipal Port Fund of Chania, are organizing an Underwater Photography Exhibition entitled: “OIKO SEA ” at the beginning of the Pier of the Lighthouse in the Venetian Port of Chania, with works by Dimitris Anagnostou.

The exhibition, which includes eight works that have already been placed in the water, promotes ecological awareness, through the relationship between man and water. The collection of underwater surreal photographs will offer a unique opportunity for art and photography lovers, as well as the general public, to immerse themselves in a world of fantasy and surrealism captured through the combination of the lenses of an underwater and terrestrial camera. The artist’s inspiration comes from the natural beauty of both man and the seabed of Crete.

Then, after the works are covered with living microorganisms of the sea on the 8 images, they will be exhibited on land at a time and place to be determined, so that the public can see “how water gives birth to life”!

Dimitris Anagnostou is an experienced diver and has a passion for photography. Through this exhibition, for the first time, he presents the female body in its natural form, in its birthplace: water. Using creative techniques such as light manipulation, depth of field and perspective results in breathtaking images that challenge our perceptions of reality.

The artist himself notes: “As a man with a passion for diving, nature and capturing them in surreal photographs, I wanted to bring the viewer on a photographic journey through the water, observing his own physical experience through the eight images I created. Man is water, he comes from the bottom of the sea ¬†and in this photo exhibition he will have the opportunity to see it and experience it at the same time”.

Free Entrance

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