After the very successful 260Kmemories Festival 2024, the Municipality of Chania continues its actions to highlight and promote the hinterland and alternative experiences for local residents and visitors.

On Saturday 25/5/2024 in Drakona ( Keramia ) there will be a very special Hiking and Stargazing route on the Stargazing-path created last year by the Municipality of Chania in collaboration with the Association of Friends of Astronomy of Crete and which this year was extended and became a circular route ( Start and End at the same point).

Meeting point : Square of Drakona village in Keramia , Saturday 25th of May 2024 at 16:30


Stargazing path

The specific route was created by the municipality of Chania in collaboration with the Crete’s Astromomy’s Friends Club in 2023.

The purpose of creating this astro path is to highlight the special elements that the specific area of Kerameia has. in combination with actions that a visitor can do in the  area in addition to hiking, like stargazing, astrophotography and landscape combination. The star path Is part of the strategy of developing alternative tourism and tourism of experiences.

The starry sky Is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for all mankind. Our goal is to make constellations known and orient ourselves with the stars.

As you go up the star path, the level of light pollution decreases and our eyes adapt better to the dark so we will see better.

You should use red Iight ( = low power) which help eyes to see clearly in the dark.

The star charts initially have the bright constellations and as wo ascend they are enriched with fainter ones as more stars become visible to our eyes.

Each stargazing station is dedicated to a cicrumpolar constellation and contains detailed maps and ways to locate it in the starry sky.

We hope to offer you the experience of hiking and stargazing!

Source : Municipality of Chania