In the southern part of Greece, lies Crete, an island of unique beauty. Crete is ideal for your vacation this year. Blessed by the gods of ancient Greece, this mesmerizing island can only offer pleasure to its visitors. This is where you can enjoy the crystal clear, turquoise water of the Mediterranean Sea. You can sunbathe under the same sun that caressed Greek gods. You can explore the mountainous regions of this amazing location. Here you can discover  mind-blowing landscapes and one of a kind flora and fauna. Whatever your choice, Crete holidays are a once in a lifetime experience.

Crete is a place for all seasons, any kind of taste, any kind of activity. It has multiple places to visit and lots of activities to engage in. It has been inhabited since ancient times and, up to now, it has been a very important center of trade, civilization and touristic activity over the last decades. Lucky for you, there is a great range of accommodation facilities. So whether you’re traveling on a budget or wishing to spend luxurious holidays, Crete is the place to be! You will find places of historical value, ranging from ancient Greece to the Middle Ages and modern times. There are lots of museums and historical sites as well. Crete holidays can be full of delightful activities!

It goes without saying, Crete has a plethora of wonderful beaches, ranking among the best worldwide. If you are looking for an alternative holiday in Crete, then you can go on amazing hikes, close to the mountains and experience the nature of Greece. In every little coin of the island you will spot something unique. There are traditional and picturesque villages, special architecture depicting a specific historical time, lots of flora and fauna you can only see on this island and much more. One thing for sure is that you will take back home amazing memories. Words are not enough to describe the experience that Crete holidays can offer you.

So, what is the most beautiful part of Crete?

6 Great places to visit during your Chania holidays

Chania town lies in the western part of Crete island. It is a town brimming with lots of hidden spots, waiting for you to discover them. Near Chania, there is a place for every kind of occasion. There are must-see places within a distance of less than an hour. There are amazing districts to visit within the city. Then, Chania can serve as your starting point for tours and day trips! Your Chania holidays must begin here!

  1. Chania town is a gorgeous place to begin your Chania holidays.

It should be on the top of your list because it has features you shouldn’t miss! Chania town is ideal for a hike! Here you can check out the old Venetian port, the old town of Chania as well as the old market. You can enjoy splendid views of the sea and the town too. There is a great variety of accommodation and a lot of activities to do nearby. You can taste the local cuisine, visit museums or venture towards lovely sandy beaches! Nature is just on the doorstep of downtown Chania!

  1. Elafonisi beach is heaven in Crete, one of the best beaches worldwide. 

It is famous for its turquoise waters and the golden sand that turns pink in places. There is a lagoon of breathtaking beauty. Not only is the landscape in Elafonisi beach amazing, but you can do a lot of activities in this heaven on earth too! It is easy to reach from Chania and it is for sure one of the places you will remember for a long time. Elafonisi lagoon should be an integral part of your Chania holidays!

  1. Samaria gorge is a hiking experience you can’t miss! 

Visiting Samaria gorge is going to be a delightful memory you will treasure forever. This is the place where you will get in touch with the amazing nature of the island. It offers one of the longest hikes all over Europe and parts of it can range from easy to difficult. Undoubtedly, you will love the flora and fauna of this place. Wild flowers and bushes, rocks and friendly kri-kri goats are part of the trail in Samaria gorge. If you are an experienced hiker, you will definitely want to revisit the untouched wilderness. The wonderful scenery awaits you at every turn of the path. The end of the hike will really reward you for whatever difficulty there is. Samaria gorge receives visitors from all over the world. You have to see it too!

  1. Get a taste of the endless Greek summer in Balos beach. 

This is probably one of the places that will make you feel that you have visited a tropical island. Balos beach is a landscape like no other. Getting there from Chania is an awesome experience in itself anyway. On the way, you encounter a spell-binding landscape. Balos beach includes a lagoon, mountains around it, lovely golden sand and glittering azure waters. You can go there on a day boat trip or just by car. Balos lagoon is family friendly. Venture further to discover the Venetian ruins on the island at the tip of the lagoon!

  1. Falassarna beach is the most exotic place you will find in Greece!

Ideally, you can spend the whole day on Falassarna beach and never get bored! It is located on the western part of Crete. This is where you can do water sports, catch a tan, have a splash and relax under the sun. There are parts of the beach where everything is quiet. There are parts where everything is much more lively. There are amenities for visitors. Falassarna beach is easily accessible by car. There is an ancient settlement that archaeological excavations have unveiled, really worth visiting. Locals confess that the sunset from Falassarna beach is outstanding!

  1. Discover Lake Kourna, a place of tranquility in Chania.

This is one of the very few lakes you can find in Crete. It will captivate you immediately. There are emerald waters that you can enjoy. You can get a pedal boat or just swim in the water. There are adorable water turtles and little animals you can only find in this place. There are mountains all around the lake. The lake is what you need for your family holidays in Chania. Lake Kourna is very easy to reach from Chania.This is one more way to enjoy the majesty of Cretan nature. A serene ambience all visitors will relish!

This is a very short list of the best things to do during your Chania holidays. Truth be told, the list could go on forever. Holidays in Chania can be unforgettable. May you embark on this adventure and enjoy it to the fullest!