The research project 100memories of the Institute of Historical Research of the National Research Foundation presents to the residents and visitors of Chania the historical route and the ephemeral exhibition about the movements in the neighborhood of Nea Chora.

In the last 100 years multiple movements have shaped the cities we live in. Starting with the refugee movement of 1922-1924 and continuing with the internal movements to the urban centers after World War II, the migration to Germany, Belgium, Australia and America after the 1950s, the arrivals of immigrants from the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the Global South to the refugee movement of 2015 we attempt to reconstruct a mosaic of mobility to and from Greece in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Nea Chora was first built by Muslim internal immigrants after the middle of the 19th century. After 1923, with the exchange of populations, it accommodated Asia Minors who were either rehabilitated in Muslim homes, or took land and self-settled. Since then it has been a refuge for refugees and immigrants. For a few days, at the Polychroni Polychronidis Park (Pefkakia), we spread a laundry of memory for the neighborhood of Nea Chora. The clothes spread out in yards and on balconies, but also in the public space of the city, on sidewalks, in shared yards either after washing or to create partitions in improvised settlement areas are images of the city directly connected to the refugee settlement.

In the laundry spread in the park, combined with the digital route designed by the research team of 100memories, there are faintly visible elements of the neighborhood’s past.

The research project is implemented by the Institute of Historical Research of the National Research Foundation with the partnership of the cooperative enterprises Sociality (with the object of technology) and Commonspace (with the object of participatory planning) in the framework of the action “Research-Create-Innovate” and is co-financed by the EU. and national resources through the EP “Competitiveness, entrepreneurship and innovation (EPANEK)” (project code: T2EDK-04827).

More information about the project:

Organization:  Institute of Historical Research.

National Research Foundation in the framework of the research project: “100memories: Integrated action of physical and digital documentation and promotion of the Asia Minor refugee memory”.

Start – Exhibition opening: Thursday, March 30, 2023.

Time: 17.00

Address: Park Polychroni Polychronidis (Pefkakia),  Meletiou Metaxakis & Meletiou Piga, Nea Chora.

Exhibition duration: Thursday, March 30 to Sunday, April 2, 2023.

Temporary exhibition visiting hours: Thursday to Saturday 17.00-20.00 & Sunday 11.00-14.00

Public historical walk for transportation in Nea Chora Chania

Saturday, April 1, 2023

Time: 17.00

Starting point: Piraeus & Meletiu Piga.

Participation in the exhibition and the walk is free.

Information at email [email protected] and phone 210727358