Your perfect Chania holidays can’t be complete without a visit to Falassarna beach! When you go through the photos from your summer vacation, everybody is going to ask where this one was taken. And you will proudly say “this is Falassarna beach, Crete!”

All you need to know about Falassarna beach. 

This is one of the majestic places that Crete can offer you. It is one of the best beaches in Europe. Falassarna beach is actually made up of smaller beaches of different sizes. The sand is golden and soft. The water is amazing blue and turquoise. And on a more romantic note, the sunset from this part of the island is legendary!

You can either go for a quiet day on Falassarna beach or enjoy a great range of activities. There are parts of the beach where you can get your own umbrella, have a splash and enjoy the awesome landscape in calmness. There are sunbeds and umbrellas at your disposal too. If you’re into water sports, there are sections of the beach that offer a wide range of them. As Falassarna beach is situated on the western part of Crete, it can get pretty windy sometimes. So if you want to catch some serious waves, this is the place to be, windsurfers!

There are quite a few restaurants, cafés and shops in the area, ready to accommodate your needs.

Getting from Chania to Falassarna beach.

  • Going to this beach by car is a piece of cake. Take the road from Chania to Kissamos, then to Platanos village. From then on, follow the signs to Falassarna beach. Lucky for you, there’s plenty of space to park your car near the beach.
  • In the summer months, you can get there by bus too. Just hop on a bus to Falassarna beach from the public bus station in Chania!

An extra attraction for you in Falassarna beach!

Excavations that began in the 60s have unveiled the ancient city of Falassarna. So far, archaeologists have discovered the ancient city, a harbor, ancient quarries and a necropolis! This ancient settlement is a great place to get your daily dose of sightseeing in Crete!