The Military Music of Chania Guard – 5th AM TAX /V Cretan Division participating in the European Music Festival will “travel” us with beautiful melodies against the background of the blue sea.

The concert is part of the 1st Music Festival: “THROUGH THE HORIZON” which has already started to be held with great success since June 18 and will end on June 21.


Conductor of the Orchestra – Electric Piano: Tchis (MS) Evangelos Pantazonis

Tchis (MS) Kon/nos Kostopoulos (El.Bassos)

Logos (MS) Efstratios Vamvas (Trumpet)

Hyplgos (MS) Achilleas Papakostas (Trumpet)

Deputy (MS) Nikolaos Charalambidis (Altikorno)

Anthlgos (MS) Ilias Kontoudis (Drums)

Artist (MS) Christos Tallas (Alto Saxophone)

Anthstis (MS) Eleftherios Gaidartzis (Toumba)

Artist (MS) Theodoros Blicas (Tenor Saxophone)

Strtis (YP) Nikolaos Papafilippakis (Mandolin)

Strtis (PZ) Syntihakis Stavros Marios (Guitar)

Guest contribution :

Stella Botonaki (Song)

Tchis e.a. Georgios Polentas (clarinet)


Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Time: 20.00

Square behind the Kiucuk Hasan Mosque (Yali Jamisi)