The Chania Film Festival presents 5 short films.

Native Spirit / Vicky Markolefa /12′

Directed by: Vicky Markolefa Screenplay: Vicky Markolefa Animation: Vicky Markolefa Editing: Vicky Markolefa, Bastian Fischer Production: Vicky Markolefa, Bastian Fischer, Vassilis Fourkiotis, Mind the Bump Productions Country of Production: Greece Duration: 12 min Year of Production: 2022 Greek language Subtitles: English

The psychogeographical documentary Pneuma Gigenes deals with the interface between nature and man. Vassilis Fourkiotis, livestock breeder, sociologist and ecologist, wandering on primitive paths immerses himself in spiritual reflections of postmodernity

The Canvas / Konstantinos Spanoudakis / 11′

Directed by: Konstantinos Spanoudakis Screenplay: Konstantinos Spanoudakis Director of Photography: Giorgos Karavoulias Music: Julio Imeri Production: Konstantinos Spanoudakis Country of Production: Greece Duration: 11 min Year of Production: 2022 Greek language Subtitles: English

Actors: Andreas Spanakis, Loulouda Varonou

A lonely man moves into an apartment in which he finds belongings of the woman who lived there before him and through them falls in love with her.

Fagotto the Bar 25′

The short film Fagotto the Bar takes us on a journey through the world of one of the most historic bars in Greece. In the heart of the old town of Chania Fagotto.

Production: Creative Team of the Chania Film Festival A lacarte / Taxiarchis Deligiannis & Vassilis Tsiouvaras / 12′ Directed by: Taxiarchis Deligiannis, Vassilis Tsiouvaras Screenplay: Taxiarchis Deligiannis, Vassilis Tsiouvaras Director of Photography: Dionysis Efthymiopoulos Editing: Ioanna Spiliopoulou Production: Taxiarchis Deligiannis, Vassilis Tsiouvaras, Ioanna Sultanis, Authorwave Country of Production: Greece Duration: 12 min Year of Production: 2021 Greek language Subtitles: English

Actors: Christos Stergioglou, Antonis Boskoitis

The Minister of Health is invited to a lifestyle radio show, with the aim of covering up a scandal involving him. Together with the journalist, they perform acrobatics in the “air”, on a tightrope that is stretched dangerously by the revelatory reactions of the listeners and the pressures of pharmaceuticals and the government.

Microbiome / Stavros Petropoulos/27′

Directed by: Stavros Petropoulos Screenplay: Stavros Petropoulos Director of Photography: Yannis Kanakis Editing: Stamos Dimitropoulos Music: Dimitris Patsaros Production: Stavros Petropoulos, Leonidas Konstandarakos, CLEO – Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Disease Outcomes, Alaska Film Country of Production: Greece Duration: 27 min Year of Production: 2021 Greek language Subtitles: English

The limits of intrusion into the peaceful lives of the inhabitants of Ikaria are tested when a team of scientists arrives to discover the secret of longevity. A comical clash of energies between the locals and the awkward researchers who thoroughly search for a way to understand the slow time and exotic idiosyncrasies of the Icarians.


Wednesday 21 – Thursday 22 June 2023

Time: 21.00

KIPOS Municipal Cinema

General admission:  €5

Disabled, Unemployed, Over 65:  €2

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