The heart of the book beats in Chania!

Central topic: “Individual and collective identities: self-determination in the modern world”.

The Municipality of Chania in co-organization with the Region of Crete present the 2nd Book Festival of Chania, with the cooperation of cultural organizations, institutions and bookstores of the city.

The official Opening Ceremony of the 2nd Chania Book Festival, as announced during a Press Conference at Chania Town Hall, will take place on Tuesday, June 20, at 9:00 p.m., at the Mikis Theodorakis Theatre.

The official opening of the festival will be announced by H.E., the President of the Republic Katerina Sakellaropoulou.

Through presentations, discussions and parallel events, the 2nd Chania Book Festival will explore, with the participation of important Greek and foreign authors, university teachers, publishers, translators and people of letters in general, the concept of identity in the fields of literature and history as and in the context of current social and technological developments, having as its central title “Individual and collective identities: self-determination in the modern world”, and individual thematic axes:

• A world in search: A tour of contemporary, pivotal for our societies, phenomena and demands around gender identity, real gender equality and inequalities based on origin or gender, which are at the heart of international writing of interest.

• Man and Machine: Will Artificial Intelligence Change Human Identity?

• The trauma of the exchange: 100 years since the Treaty of Lausanne, in which it was decided to exchange the populations of Greece and Turkey based on religion, redefining national and individual identities.

• The special cultural characteristics of the Cretans in the context of the Greek identity.

• Ancient Greece returns to the modern novel: A new literary reading of the past, in search of present identities.

• Locality and globality:

– Cavafy’s poetry today, its multiple readings and identities, on the occasion of the 160th anniversary of the birth and 90th anniversary of the death of the Alexandrian poet.

– Nikos Kazantzakis and the role of his work in the image of the Greek and Cretan identity abroad, on the occasion of the 140th anniversary of his birth, but also his publishing news.

The Chania Book Festival, this new purely “festival” institution of the book in Greece, was inaugurated in 2022 (29.6-3.7.2022), gathering over 5,000 visitors, both from Chania and from other parts of Crete, Greece and abroad, who attended more than 60 events, held in collaboration with Gutenberg, Agra, Aparsis, Dioptra, Ekremes, Eresima, Ikaros, Kastaniotis, Kedros, Keimena, Metaichmio, Metronomos, Minoas, Patakis, Polis, Potamos , Compass of the City, Rhadamanthys, etc., with the participation of more than 100 speakers – writers from Greece, Cyprus, France, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Ukraine and Peru, publishers, academics and translators.


From Tuesday 20 to Saturday 24 June 2023

Mikis Theodorakis Theatre, in Great Arsenal  (Mediterranean Architecture Center) and in other parts of Chania.

Free entrance

See the detailed Program of Events of the 2nd Chania Book Festival HERE  :

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